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Wine Tasting Adventure

Wine tasting adventure

The family who run Marnei Mare are involved in the making of a bespoke wine, boasting a sweet and a dry white label. Their passion for high-quality wine goes back a long way producing some of the finest examples of this local delight. At the wine tasting sessions we organize at Marnei Mare, in which we present our guests with an our abundant variety of trademark Samian wines, one can try our Nopera wines, such as Epitome, a sweet, delicate muscat wine made from sun-dried grapes, which was awarded the 2017 Gold Medal Decanter. A menu can be designed to match this experience, or simply some home made meze to complement the delicate taste of the samos wine. Tailor made visits to the grape fields and the winery are very popular and a great small or large group activity.
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